Abts Bou-Matic LLC. has been a successfully running company since 1971.  When the business was first founded in 1957 it was called Cliff & Cal Abts.  It was founded by Cliff and Cal Abts who only sold water bowls, cow trainers, and fans from Agromatic at the time.  They not only owned this business but they also owned their own farm.  In 1971 the two brothers decided to grow their business and become a Bou-Matic dealership.  This is when the company became known as Abts Bou-Matic LLC.

In 1984 Greg Abts, Cal's son, bought the business and became the second generation owner of the company.  Greg has brought this company to the success that it is today with the help of his wife and good employees.  They are one of the top 10 Bou-Matic dealerships in the United States.  Abts Bou-Matic LLC. services dairies in Northeast Wisconsin with our consumable products and 24/7 service.

In the year 2000 Greg founded a new company called Calf Star LLC.  This second company manufactures calf milk pasteurizers.  These pasteurizers have brought new technology to our customers and to the dairy industry to cost benefit dairy farmers.  Calf Star Pasteurizers have given the company the opportunity to become an international business by teaming up with another Bou-Matic dealership in Germany called Holm & Laue.  Abts Bou-Matic LLC. is now the national distributor for Holm & Laue calf feeders that they manufacture and they are the distributors for our calf milk pasteurizers that we manufacture.  Abts Bou-Matic LLC. is currently distributing their pasteurizers in the Midwest region but when they start selling calf feeders as well they will be distributing both pieces of equipment nationwide.
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