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Crowd Gates

       To the left and below are pictures of our new Super Duty Crowd Gate.  Our crowd gate has many different features that will benefit your dairy's needs.  Look to the right for more information.



Check Out Our New Super Duty
Crowd Gates!

Features of our crowd gate that will benefit your dairy:

-Lifts in multiple positions

-No matter how wide our crowd gate will not sag

-Gate lifts with very low air pressure, typically under 50psi

-Wider widths are supported because of its heavy duty super structure

-Custom widths available

-Available in either galvanized or stainless steel structure

-Air transferred to center of the crowd gate using structural piping

-10” polyurethane extra heavy duty drive wheels


-1 ½” shaft with keyed drive wheels along with extra heavy duty bearings

-Easy access to chain and gears for repairs

-#60 roller bearing chain for drive